October 2015

What do a Ferrari, a Cougar and a Demolition Derby Car have in common?

What do a Ferrari, a Cougar and a Demolition Derby Car have in common?

They were all part of a hands on Red Ribbon Lesson to illustrate what your healthy body looks like when you take care of it and what your unhealthy body looks like when you abuse it.  Thanks to our awesome PTA for a great Red Ribbon Week!


Fun Run Schedule for Tomorrow

Due to weather we will hold the Fun Run in the main gym and lunchroom. Here is the schedule for grade levels:

8:45--4th grade (GYM); 5th grade (Lunchroom)

9:45--1st grade (GYM);  AM Leifson Kinder & Elliott Kinder (Lunchroom)

10:45--6th grade (GYM)  

12:15--3rd grade (GYM)

1:15--2nd grade (GYM);  PM K (Lunchroom)


Please feel free to stop in and watch!


Photo by Leslee Hunt Article by Adam Gull

There's nothing like a pie to the face.  Just ask Mack Attack from APEX Fun Run.  Mrs. Hunt's class won the challenge last week so students enjoyed a game of kickball today.  Trase was the lucky winner with the most donations pledged so he ATTACKED Mr. Mac with a pie to the face.  Nice Job Mrs. Hunt's class!

Keep those pledges coming in.  We really appreciate the support from our families and friends.  Just as a reminder, we will be running Thursday starting at 9:00.  Please feel free to stop by and cheer on our runners.

Table Manners & Place Setting

Ms. Wirfs

On a recent visit to Leadership Academy I was impressed with our second grade students and their understanding of table manners and the appropriate way to set a table.  Their lesson on this topic was last week, and I was impressed beyond words at the amount of information they retained. 

All students were very willing to share what they knew about appropriate table manners.  KayLee - Everyone sits at the table, Max - Don't wipe your mouth with your sleeve, Eleanor - No Slurping, Sabe - No Burping!

Celebrating The Leader Of The Pack

Photos by Lana Hiskey Article by Adam Gull

"The winner ain't the one with the fastest car, it's the one who refuses to lose."  Dale Earnhardt

October is National Principals month.  On Tuesday, students and staff wanted to celebrate what an Awesome principal we have at Park Elementary.  Mr. Ryan Kay is a huge NASCAR and demolition derby fan.  In fact, on top of what he already does for his family, our school and community, he works to help put on one of the finest demolition derbies in Utah in his hometown of Nephi.  So, we decided to put on a little event to celebrate him as our leader.

Apex Fun Run Kick Off Assembly

Photos and Article by Adam Gull

Apex is all about building leaders.  At Park Elementary, we know a thing or two about building leaders as well.  That is why we have teamed up with Apex to help with our school fundraiser to raise money for technology and The Leader in Me.  

As students go out and ask for pledges, they are building leadership skills, building school pride, and making Park Elementary the very best place to gain the academic and leadership skills needed to face the 21st century.  

Apex Fun Run is Here!

Apex logo Video by Amy Darrington

Park Elementary has teamed up with Apex for our school fundraiser this year.  Pledges by donors will help purchase technology and continue to fund the Leader in Me.  Stay tuned each day for fun videos by our school staff and students.  Go Panthers!

On Time Attendance Rock Stars!



Mrs. Pershon’s 4th grade class is taking their on time attendance goal very serious!  As you can see from their daily tracker, there has only been 4 days total for the entire school year that they have had below 93%.  Congratulations 4th graders, your on time efforts will help with your academic goals as well as the personal goals you have set for yourselves.  We are proud of you!


"Life is for Service"

Photo by Tamra Lybbert Article by Adam Gull

"Life is for Service."  Mr. Rogers

Our wonderful grandparent helpers, Grandma Janet Reese and Grandma Aileen Holt, were honored for their service in the community during a banquet held at BYU yesterday.  It was a special event that words or actions can't express our gratitude for their service in our school.

Leadership at Its Best

Photo and Article by Adam Gull

Walking down the hall I see something that makes me smile.  A fifth grade student tutoring a third grade student.  As I eavesdrop into the tutoring session, wondering if the older student is just giving the answers, I am absolutley amazed at what I heard: Tutor Student: "Draw the array for 8x8."  The younger student proceeds to draw a box with 8 columns and 8 rows, known as an array.  I quickly learned there was great teaching and learning happening between these 2 students. I thought to myself "this is leadership at its best."

Honoring One of Our Own

Photos and Article by Adam Gull

Park Elementary honored Specialist Stan Mecham, parent of Zoee and Griff Mecham, and hero to the Park Elementary family.  

As part of the National Guard's deployment of the 116th, Specialist Mecham will be heading to Kuwait on a year long mission.  To send him off, Park students expressed gratitude by singing God Bless the USA, preparing patriotic speeches, and writing "Thank You" notes for Specialist Mecham to read while serving our country.

September Victory Awards

Photo and Article by Adam Gull

Congratulations to the following students for earning Victory Awards during the month of September: 

Math: Khalen Worley, Kyle Stuart, Parker Wilkinson, Jonathan Roque, Everett Boyd, McAlister Wilkinson, Isaac Willoughby, Trey Buttars,  Manny Gonzales, Mason Hatch,  Aidan Allen,  Emily Taylor, Andrew Beattie,  Aileen Maldonado, Isaac Reupena,  Kayson Brinkerhoff, Talon Larsen,  Ryder Dillenbeck

Learning How to Speak with Mr. Glenn

Photo by Cheryl Leifson Article by Adam Gull

Mr. Glenn is one our amazing speech therapists in the school.  Here he is teaching Mrs.  Leifson's students how we make different sounds when we speak.  You can see the reaction of the students as he talks to them about the vocal cords using a balloon to demonstrate.  We love our speech teachers!

Kindergarten Standing Strong

Photo by Cheryl Leifson Article by Adam Gull

Park School Counselor, Mrs. Smith taught Mrs. Leifson's kindergarten class how to "Stand Strong" when dealing with bullies.  Mrs. Leifson is excited to report that students are beginning to use this program in a proactive manner.  They use the "Please Stop" signal and it has changed behavior. Way to go Panthers!

S'more Please!

Photos by Lacey Thomas Article by Adam Gull

After a fun science unit on the sun, Ms. Taylor's class created solar ovens using a pizza box and energy from the the sun.  Students made s'mores and didn't mind getting a little messy.  What a tasty way to celebrate their learning!  Great Job Mrs. Taylor's class!

A District Leader Takes a Tour

Photo by Ryan Kay Article by Adam Gull

Nebo School District Elementary Director, Julie Warren, took a tour recently of Park Elementary and had many positive things to say about the school, students, and faculty.  She was greeted by student leaders in each classroom, walked the cleanest halls in the district and saw wonderful student work displayed.  There is a wonderful feeling in Park School.  We know it is because of the faculty, students, and patrons at Park Elementary.

Mission:  To Live; To Learn; To Lead

Vision:  We inspire our school community in developing academic and leadership skills by teaching "The 7 Habits," making connections throughout the curriculum, and involving everyone in leadership roles.  We serve each other, our families, and our community.  We achieve and inspire greatness.