Park Elementary Celebrates the Energy Star Recognition Award

Lana Hiskey

Nebo School District Celebrates 39 Buildings Achieving the Energy Star Recognition Award

Nebo School District has received notification that 39 of its buildings have earned the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Certification, the most of any school district in the state of Utah. This recognition is presented to the most energy efficient buildings in the country.  

Utah's 4th Lighthouse School!

Article by Adam Gull

Recently, Park faculty, parents and students rejoiced at the wonderful news of becoming a Lighthouse School.  When you think of a lighthouse, you imagine a beacon illuminating its light in all directions beckoning to the incoming ships there is safety after the storm.  A lighthouse also warns of danger of rocks and other obstacles that stand in the way of reaching the shore.

The Great Egg Drop

Article by Adam Gull Photos by Shauna Gardner

After lessons on gravity, second grade students participated in an Egg Drop where they designed devices to prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from the roof of the school.  As Humpty Dumpty Hales sat on the wall dropping the eggs over easy for a great fall, students cheered their egg on to live another day or hoping the king’s men could put it back together again.  Some eggs were packed with cushions and some glided to the pavement with a parachute, while others would simply never see a frying pan.  It was definitely a sunny-side up day for

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