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Park Students honors our 6th grade students and retiring/leaving teachers with a Victory Lap

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(click on the link for full story and Victory Lap video) Our final Victory Lap of the year was held to honor all of our outgoing 6th grade students.  We wish them the very best of luck in Jr. High.  They will continue to do great things and make us proud.  

We also honored all of our retiring staff:  Mrs. Banks, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Smithee, Mrs. Prior, Mrs Gardner and Mrs. Kimball.  We wish you all the very best of luck in your new adventures!

Park Faculty Performs for Students at Final Victory Assembly

Student Film Crew

 It was the final Victory Assembly of the year, and Park Staff wanted it to be one that students would remember.  Handing out student awards for Math, Language Arts, Leadership, Track Meet, Perfect Attendance AND Kiwanis Terrific Kid was only the beginning of our assembly.  

The faculty performed for our student body.  First, the ladies entertained with a funny performance.  Then the men WOW'd us with YMCA followed by a whole faculty Glow Stick Performance. 

6th Grade Graduation


Our 6th grade students are counting down their time in elementary school.  We will honor each of our 6th grade students at a graduation ceremony on May 23 at 6:00 p.m.  Graduation will be held in the Park Elementary gym.  

Mission:  To Live; To Learn; To Lead

Vision:  We inspire our school community in developing academic and leadership skills by teaching "The 7 Habits," making connections throughout the curriculum, and involving everyone in leadership roles.  We serve each other, our families, and our community.  We achieve and inspire greatness.