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Table Manners & Place Setting

Submitted by ryan.kay on Thu, 10/22/2015 - 11:37
Ms. Wirfs

On a recent visit to Leadership Academy I was impressed with our second grade students and their understanding of table manners and the appropriate way to set a table.  Their lesson on this topic was last week, and I was impressed beyond words at the amount of information they retained. 

All students were very willing to share what they knew about appropriate table manners.  KayLee - Everyone sits at the table, Max - Don't wipe your mouth with your sleeve, Eleanor - No Slurping, Sabe - No Burping!

Brigham came right over and told me the correct way to set the table.  Plate in the middle, fork and napkin to the left, spoon and knife to the right.

We are proud of our second grade leaders!  Learning life skills at a young age!  Thank you Ms. Wirfs.. We appreciate you!