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Our PEAK Performing Principal Wins Award

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 12/10/2015 - 11:01
Article by Adam Gull

Mr. Kay received a PEAK award at last night's board meeting.  The PEAK award is given to any Nebo employee that displays Positive Energy And Kindness.  PEAK winners are nominated by anyone in the school--teacher, parent, staff member, you name it.  We are honored to have such a caring principal that does so much for the students, teachers, parents and community.  Click Here for December PEAK winners.

The following is the nomination letter for Mr. Kay:

Ryan Kay has been the Principal for Park Elementary the past three years.  In those three years, I have seen Mr. Kay take Park Elementary from an already AWESOME school to AMAZING new levels.  In his first year here, Park Elementary was in its second year with the Leader in Me program.  The Leader in Me was still new and teachers were navigating through unchartered waters along with all the other demands as a teacher, which are many.  Through his leadership, Mr. Kay was able to rally the troops and help Park Elementary reach Lighthouse status, the highest award in the Leader in Me program.  Park Elementary is now 1 of 157 Lighthouse schools world-wide!

If you ask Mr. Kay about the success of the Leader in Me at Park Elementary he will graciously tell you it is all because of the teachers and students at Park that has made it happen.  Although this is true, we couldn’t have done it without the vision and leadership of our principal.

Establishing a culture of leadership has been vital to our students, parents, faculty, and community.  But this is not all that Mr. Kay has done for Park School.  He has established a positive environment for students to feel safe and happy here.  Parents have said recently how different the school atmosphere feels at Park.  That is due to the efforts of Mr. Kay to involve parents in classrooms, school activities, and collaborating with PTA members and the Parent Lighthouse group.   As a school, we have recently had amazing success with our Leadership Days and Back to School Nights. 

There are a lot of moving parts that make things happen here at Park.  We have incredible teachers and staff members that work tirelessly.  Students are evolving into leaders and reaching untapped potential.  Parents are becoming more involved in the classroom, the Leader in Me, and school wide events.  And we wouldn’t be where we are without the enthusiasm and love of our principal Mr. Kay.

To have a leader like Mr. Kay demonstrated to me the quality of education our students receive in Nebo School District.  Not only are they receiving a quality education, they are receiving an experience that will never be forgotten.  Nebo School District believes that Education is a shared responsibility of not only the individual, family, and school but also the community.  The experience that students are receiving at Park is a total benefit to the community of Spanish Fork and Nebo School District.