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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 09/01/2015 - 12:31
Article by Adam Gull Photos by Ross Leslie Video by Karli Butler and Sequoia Dillenbeck 6th Grade Students

Opening WIG Assembly

I like to put on a wig or a fake mustache and do something silly with friends, do a little dance.”  Tom Lenk 

There is something about dressing up and getting in character that brings out the inner craziness of people—especially teachers.

Last Friday Park faculty and staff kicked off the WIG assembly in supreme fashion.  In our school, students know that WIG stands for Wildly Important Goals.  To get students familiar with and excited about School-Wide WIGS, teachers dressed in colorful, crazy, and laugh out loud comical wigs.  Mrs. Banks looked so good in her wig she is considering going blonde.


As a school, we have 3 very important school-wide goals that are crucial to the success of students at Park Elementary:

Attendance- 93% of all students will be on time and in his or her seat at 8:30.

Reading- 90% of all students will be on grade level AND 100% will make a one year’s growth.

Golden Panther Paw- 80% of all students will earn at least one Golden Panther Paw during the school year.

We appreciate your support as parents and students in making this happen.