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Green Man Assembly

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 10/07/2014 - 17:30
Photos and Article by Adam Gull

Red Ribbon Week:

Green Day

Students had the “Time of Their Life” at the Green Man assembly in connection to Green Day for Red Ribbon Week.  Clint Pulver from Utah Valley University entertained a sea of green Park Panthers with a Drug Free message that will stick with students tighter than a Green Man suit.

Clint shared a story when he was ten years old he couldn’t stop tapping his hands and feet in class.  This got Clint in trouble many times and even a few visits to the principal’s office.  Clint never understood why he was in trouble because the tapping was just a part of him and what he did. 

One day, his teacher asked him to stay after school and Clint thought for sure he was in trouble again.  To his surprise, Clint’s teacher asked him if he had ever thought about playing the drums.  Clint thought to himself: “I can’t even spell drums!”  Clint was surprised one day when his teacher bought him some drum sticks and told him to never stop tapping.  His teacher knew he had a gift and he should never stop playing the drums.

Clint shared a similar message to students telling them that people around them really care about them.  He told students they need to see their potential.  To never give up and keep doing what you like.  He also shared that we should complement our friends and classmates more and not bully.  He taught them a catchy song he made up called the “Good Job” song. 

Good job!  Good Job! 

Good Job! Good Job!

G double O- D-J-O-B

Good Job! Good Job!

He also taught students can’t do drugs and be like the Green Man Group.  Students were then entertained by a rocking drum performance by Clint and the Green Man Group.  Students screamed and danced as they enjoyed the message and music from Clint and the Utah Valley Green Men.

We appreciate Esther Wirfs from the PTA for arranging the awesome assembly to remind students to be drug free and for dressing Mr. Kay up.

 The rest of the activities for the week are:

Wednesday- Mustaches

Thursday- Bright Neon Colors

Friday- Crazy Socks and Shoes

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