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Teacher Spotlight

Submitted by lacee.stoneman on Tue, 03/10/2020 - 17:50

This week's teacher spotlight is...Mrs. McAllister. Mrs. McAllister is one of our 2nd-grade teachers and does such an amazing job at what she does. Thanks, Mrs. McAllister for being such a great leader. 

What do you enjoy doing on the weekends? On the weekends I love spending time with my family,  going to dinner, golfing, playing with the grandbabies, or just watching a movie. What is your favorite subject to teach in school? I love teaching all subjects in my class, I really can't choose a favorite. If you could have lunch with any fictional character who would it be? Albus Dumbledore- I would love to just sit and talk with him, ask him questions, and hear all about his world. What song would you sing for karaoke night?  Abba- Dancing Queen or anything Bon Jovi