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Message from the District Office

Submitted by lacee.stoneman on Tue, 07/28/2020 - 13:49

Dear Nebo District Families:

We are excited to be finalizing plans to welcome your students back at the beginning of this new school year. About one-half of our students have completed their registration for this year, with the others planning to finish by July 30 of this week.  Thank you for taking the time to help us have current and accurate information! 

Nearly 95% of our registered students have enrolled in our "At-School Learning" offering.  We gladly welcome these students to the school buildings and remind everyone that we must work together to:

Stay home when sick
Maintain clean spaces 
Advocate for distancing
Remember your face covering
Train on hygiene and safety

As we continually discuss details around student safety and the demands on our teachers and other staff, we have determined that we need to make a slight adjustment in our daily school schedule.  For the fall semester, all five days of the week (M-F) will follow the traditional Monday Early Out schedule where schools dismiss 45-minutes earlier than the typical day.  (Each school's website lists their Monday Early Out schedule.) A decision will be made by early December whether to continue this schedule for the remainder of the year.

While we always worry about any reduction to instructional time, there are several compelling reasons for this adjustment including:  

  • Additional teacher time to meet the needs of students who cannot attend because of quarantine or illness.

  • Greater opportunities for schools to provide additional support to students who are struggling academically or emotionally. 

  •  Additional custodial time to clean and sanitize our classrooms and buildings. 

  • Increased flexibility in the requirement for in-seat "instruction" time recently granted by the State Board.

In short, we believe this adjusted schedule will be helpful in providing safer and more supportive environments for our teachers, students, and families.  It should also help us to be more effective in maintaining our "At-School Learning" option. 

We recognize that this adjustment may affect decisions about whether to have your child participate in “At-School Learning” or "Remote Learning."  If you desire to change the decision you have already submitted, please contact your child’s school before July 30.  You can also reach out to your school with any other questions related to registration, schedules, or the beginning of school.

We sincerely hope that this scheduling change will not be an undue hardship for students and families with work schedules, daycare, and other family arrangements.  Thank you for your continued support, patience, and understanding as we work to provide an exceptional educational experience for our students, while taking reasonable steps to give them a safe learning environment.