W.I.G. Assembly

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Park Elementary kicked off their W.I.G or Wildly Important Goals assembly on November 26th.  

Tuesday morning was a strange one to students when they saw teachers in the hallways and classrooms.  Many students asked a similar question with a puzzling face..."Why are you wearing a wig?"

That question was answered as Park teachers explained what W.I.G. means as they acted a variety of scenarios out.  Teachers explained in the assembly and in class that W.I.G. is a WILDLY IMPORTANT GOAL.  Students have been asked to set a goal in either academics, behavior, attendance or anything that is wildly important.  Students also enjoyed seeing their teachers act so silly during the assembly.  

Mr. Kay explained a little further that students can earn a "Golden Panther Paw" by demonstrating the 7 habits in their everyday life while at school.  When a student earns a golden panther paw, they get to draw a number and write their name on the Positive Panther board. Students also get a special call home from the office to celebrate the good use of the 7 Habits.  When a whole row is filled in, those students in that row get to eat breakfast with Mr. Kay and other community leaders.

Students that accomplish their W.I.G. will celebrate their accomplishment at a "Victory"  assembly at the end of the term.  

Park School has set a goal to have 95% on-time attendance as well. Please help our school meet this Wildly Important Goal by having your student in class and in their seat by 8:30 each morning.

Photos by Tamra Lybbert