April 2024

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Mrs. Munn! Mrs. Munn is also a traveling technician and works with several teachers to help in small groups and individual student needs in reading and math. She also is a friendly and smiling face in the mornings when conducting her morning crosswalk duty. Mrs. Munn is patient and sincere with helping the students that she is assigned to be with and is never one to complain. We are so glad that we get to work with Mrs. Munn everyday and her positive outlook towards others. Have a great and fun birthday Mrs. Munn!

Food Bank

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The Utah Food bank will be here tomorrow right after school! The food bank generously brings food to share with every family and every student is encouraged to stop by the cafeteria after school and pick up some food to take home.

Park Elementary's Teacher of the Year 2024

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A HUGE congratulations to Mrs. Andersen for being our 2024 Teacher of the Year at Park Elementary! Mrs. Andersen is an amazing teacher and friend to all. She puts in so much time after school and behind the scenes to make her classroom the best experience for her students. She is not afraid to try new things and works hard at everything she does. Her students LOVE her and we are so grateful for all she does within our school community. Thank you Mrs. Andersen for all you do. This is a well deserved honor and we are so grateful for you!