Veterans Day-Some Gave All

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“All Gave Some and Some Gave All” –Billy Ray Cyrus

Today we honor our Veterans who have served our country so bravely.  At Park Elementary, students know the importance of this day.  It is a day to be grateful.  It is a day to remember.  It is a day to be proud to be an American.  As a school, we wanted to give back to our Veterans.  Knowing that what we have to give is so little compared to those that gave so much.

As Veterans and family members arrived at the school, they were greeted warmly by students dressed in scout uniforms and escorted to the library to visit and enjoy a refreshment.  To start our assembly, members from the American Legion walked the hallway lined with students waving the United States flag.  It was a respectful, reverent, and somber moment to be a part of. 

Our Veterans posted the colors and shared an inspiring message to never give up.  Griff Mecham then shared a message of “What is a Veteran” and Zoee Mecham read a postcard from her Dad who is currently deployed thanking the students for the wonderful letters.  We then presented a slideshow to honor family members and friends past and present of students in Park Elementary.  It was a tender moment when students stood in unison and sang God Bless the USA

We are grateful for our Veterans.  We are grateful for their service to preserve the freedoms we enjoy each day.  Thank You!

Article and Pictures by Adam Gull Video by Amy Darrington