Veterans Day

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Park Elementary recognized our brave veterans in an honorary assembly on November 8, 2013.

Students were invited to send pictures of veterans in their family that are currently serving or who have served, to the office to be put into a slideshow to be shown in the assembly on November 8th.  This was one of several special ways to honor our veterans.  

Veterans from the local legion as well as family members of students were invited to the school before the assembly to visit and enjoy cookies and other goodies.  Afterwards, Park students lined the hallways waving flags as a tribute to our veterans past and present as veterans and families walked the hallway carrying the United States Flag.

Park Students listened intently as veterans shared where they served and discussed the meaning of freedom with local teacher and city council man Keir Scoubes.  The veterans and students shared a patriotic slideshow of the many veterans that are connected to Park Elementary.

"It was a very touching tribute to our veterans"  says PTA President Pat Christianson who's husband Frank served in the US Army.

We are grateful to our veterans that serve and protect our country.  

Photos by Adam Gull