Remembering Grandpa Taylor, a Park School Leader

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Grandpa Taylor, a Park School Leader, was born in 1931. He joined the navy after graduating high school. He fought for our country during the Korean War.  Grandpa Taylor married his love Grace Louise Moore on December 29,1955.  He also had five children.  He loves all of them very much. We all know that Grandpa Taylor is famous for his wave.

The teachers and students here at Park Elementary loved working with Grandpa Taylor.  Sixth grade student, Weston Thomas said, "I am sorry for your loss. I know he was a good man. I will miss him forever and say to my kids some day, 'That's a good man.' Thank you Grandpa Taylor, I will always miss you! RIP." Another sixth grade student, Aubrey Smith said, "When I saw him in the hall he was always working with a kid." One of our Kindergarten teachers, Mrs.Leifson said, "Once he was late and he went in to the office to get a late slip!" All of the students and teachers will greatly miss Grandpa Taylor!

Grandpa Taylor was a great man that did many great things.  He was a great crossing gaurd for our school. One day while working the cross walk, Grandpa Taylor saved Josh Paulk's life.  Josh was walking across the cross walk.  A car approached the cross walk but its brakes were not working! Grandpa Taylor grabbed Josh and threw him onto the grass barely making it to the sidewalk himself. He is a great man and always helped other people. He also stayed 30 minutes later at the cross walk to make sure every student was able to cross.

Grandpa Taylor helped us with math papers and reading in the hall.  He served as a crossing guard 17 years. He loved working here at Park Elementary. We all loved him and will all miss him dearly.

Story by Carson Czarnik, Nate Gilmore, Sara Woods, Josh Paulk, 5th Grade Students