Park Students Love to Synergize!

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Habit #6 is important because it teaches people to work together. It also helps because a lot of the time you get a job that you need to work together.  Habit #6 is Synergize which means to work together. We all should synergize and work together to get along better. Habit #6 and the other habits make our school better. 

I interviewed Ms. Beaudin's first grade class about how they use Habit #6.  They said, "We synergize to make our glow stick light up by holding hands. We help each other at school. We play games and wok together." When asked, "How do you synergize at home?"  Students responded, "I help my mom with the dishes." "I help my mom clean the whole house" "I help my mom with my baby brothers." "I play nice with my family."  Ms. Beaudin's class is a great example of synergizing!  Keep up the great work!


Article and Photos by Josh Paulk