Park Student Council Plants a Tree

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The Student Council has been selling Smencils, scented pencils, and wood cut outs this school year. They were going to use the money to purchase student council t-shirts. They changed their minds about the t-shirts and decided to purchase a tree instead. There is only one tree in the green space of Park Elementary playground. The students decided they wanted a tree that would flower but not have fruit. They selected a flowering fruitless cherry tree. Each spring it will have pink blooms. Mrs. Cooper, the student council adviser, went to Doman Nursery in Springville. They helped Mrs. Cooper find the perfect tree to meet the Student Councils wishes. Mr. Elmer, the school custodian, prepared the hole and the tree was delivered on May 23. The student council helped plant the tree on the south side of the green space. We are grateful for the Student Council choosing to purchase and plant the tree. It will add a lot of beauty and shade to our playground for many years to come.
Article & Photo by Aprel Mendenhall