Park Elementary 2014 Crystal Apple Teacher

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LesLee Hunt received this year's Crystal Apple for her exemplary teaching and service to the students, parents and faculty of Park Elementary. Mrs. Hunt has taught at Park Elementary for 14 years. She is dedicated, knowledgeable and hardworking. Mrs. Hunt is dedicated. Mrs. Hunt loves her students and is committed to giving them the very best. She goes the extra mile on behalf of students as well as parents and teachers. It is well know that Mrs. Hunt will help you with anything you need. Mrs. Hunt is a caring, dedicated teacher. Mrs. Hunt is knowledgeable. She has her Masters Degree with and emphasis in Mathematics. She is currently working to obtain her ESL Degree. Mrs. Hunt makes it a priority to understand what she is teaching and find the best way to present that to her students. Her students benefit from creative, organized and thought provoking lessons. Mrs. Hunt is knowledgeable and uses that knowlege to benefit her classroom and all of Park. Mrs. Hunt is hardworking. She puts in many hours above and beyond the time required to prepare for and challenge her students. She also helps the school with added responsibilities with technology and the Leader In Me program. She is always willing to help wherever she is needed and puts in many extra hours to help make Park Elementary a great place to be.Thank you for all you do, Mrs. Hunt!

Article by Carrie Dunn Photo by Adam Gull