New Faces at Park School!

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With the start of a new school year we have great new teachers and staff at Park School.  In kindergarten is Lori Moosman.  In second grade is Maridan Jensen.  In the third grade is Brittany Wride.  The fifth grade has Jamie Hickey and Becca Dewey.  Our new staff developer is Michael Duncan.  Our new Intern coach is Deana Coates and we have Lisa Muirbrook as our Intern Principal.  We hope they all feel welcome at Park School! 

In the picture from left to right are: Michael Duncan, Deana Coates, Maridan Jensen, Brittany Wride, Becca Dewey and Jamie Hickey.  Not pictured are: Lori Moosman and Lisa Muirbrook.

Sherri Smithee