Musical Assembly

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On Wednesday, October 20th, the students were treated to an assembly put on by the musical duo called Moon Light.  This duo is a father and a daughter, Stephen and Aubree Oliverson.  Aubree has been playing the violin since she was five and also composing music since then.  Her father, Stephen is also a talented pianist and composer.  They have performed at the Sundance Film Festival, at Thanksgiving Point and as far away as Minneapolis.  We were all amazed at the talent of this duo.  They were joined by Aubree's 4th grade brother, Eric and her 6 year old sister Lily.  These two also performed violin numbers. 

Mr. Oliverson encouraged the students to follow their dreams and find something they love to do and practice with all of their hearts.  He told the students that with practice and a desire that they can become excellent in that pursuit.  One of the second grade students, Kiki Conklin was invited up on stage for a mini violin lesson.  Three other volunteers were asked to pick a musical note out of a box and then Moon Light composed a brand new song using those 3 notes. 

Park Students follow your dreams and you can accomplish great things!

Sherri Smithee