Mrs. Leifson Park Elementary Teacher of the Year

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Mrs. Leifson has been voted as Park Elementary Teacher of the Year.

     When you get to know Mrs. Leifson, it is no surprise that she would be voted as Park Elementary School’s Teacher of the Year.  She is a very talented, skilled, and caring teacher!  She is also very prepared and goes the extra mile and 10 yards to make school something special.

     Mrs. Leifson has a rare ability to take something that needs to be taught and to put it into a simple, understandable and memorable way for her Kindergarten students to understand.  An example of this is how she helped the students to understand how to drink from the drinking fountain.  Students often put their mouths right on the metal part.  Mrs. Leifson showed them that the fountain water arched in the shape of a hill.  She taught her students that the best water was at the top the hill.  These students understand and drink from the top of the hill.  This ability has shown up in many things that she has taught her students and shared the information with fellow teachers.

    A glimpse into Mrs. Leifson’s world reveals how very organized and prepared she is to lead her students to success.  She arrives at school an hour and a half early each day to be ready.  She keeps things moving in her class and keeps in mind the needs of all the different learners.  Mrs. Leifson is always looking for new and better ways to teach and to keep the class learning and engaged. 

     Another really important thing about Mrs. Leifson is how she helps students to feel special and important.  She went to each student’s home to meet them before school started.  Many students love her and come back year after year to say, “Hi,” and get a hug.  Teaching is her passion, she loves children and the classroom is her “Happy Place”.

     Mrs. Leifson is a very dedicated, skilled, gifted, fun, and caring teacher.  Her 15 years of teaching has been put to good use. She is an outstanding teacher and we are happy to have her at our school!



Article by Bruce Elliott, Cindy Bradford, Elaine Olsen