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4H students were able to work with Kerri Lowe & Sherylyn Lowe to put on the play Mary Poppins. Students auditioned for the lead roles in the play and they rehearsed every Monday afternoon. Special thanks to the talented Kim Clark for making our costumes. The following students participated in the play: Mary Poppins: Emerie Mattinson Bert: Carson Czarnik Jane: Savannah Stauffer Michael: Natalie Combs Mr. Banks: Nate Gillmore Mrs. Banks: Ariana Mendoza Mr. Dawes Jr/ Dog: Emberly Walburger Mr. Dawes Sr/Bunny: Piper Shcik Admiral Boom: Alejandra Pena Mr. Binnacle: Madyson Lackey Mrs. Brill (cook): Syndney Hoover Ellen (house keeper): Jessica Cook Katie Nanna/Bunny: Jenna Mitchell Constable/penguin: Autumn Williams Photographer/Reporter: Autumn Williams Drummer/Bird lady: Ady Gasser
Article by Aprel Mendenhall; Photos by Sherylyn Lowe