Leader in Me Financial Wellness and Service Day

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As part of The Leader in Me program at Park Elementary, we educate not only our students in the 7 Habits, but also our parents to help families to be successful in our community. 

Last Thursday, parents attended a financial wellness class presentation by Brian Nelson, Founder and President of 8 Pillars Financial Education Company.

While parents attended the class, students participated in a service project around the school where they cleaned the school grounds and building.  This is all part of our Leader in Me program which focuses on building student leadership.  The school grounds and building looked fantastic! 

What was even more fantastic was a field full of Park Panthers enjoying a game of kickball with each other.  Three games were organized because there were so many students!  

After the workshop for parents and service/kickball for students, everyone enjoyed ice cream sponsored by our PTA to top the evening off.  Thank You to all the parents, students, and teachers for making the evening a great success.  


Article by Adam Gull Photos by Karisa Shoemaker PPL Member