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KSL Radio and Zions Bank honored Susan Cloward, a Reading Specialist at Park Elementary School on

September 22, 2010. 

The Teacher Feature Program was developed to recognize outstanding teachers who have gone the extra mile, not only in the classroom, but who have also made a significant impact on many young lives.

Mrs. Cloward was awarded a plaque by Zions Bank, an over night stay at the Anniversary Inn, a gift certificate for dinner at the beautiful La Caille restaurant, a pair of season tickets from Hale Center Theater in West Valley and a $200.00 gift certificate to Smith's provided by Superior Water and Air.  All winners are invited to attend an end of the year banquet at the La Caille in their honor.

Monte Bernell Larsen, a Nebo bus driver, submitted Mrs. Cloward for the KSL Teacher Feature.  His letter read in part:

This KSL Zions Teacher Feature Program is one that recognizes the individuals that deserve the recognition.  These are the people that have the future of our nation in their hands.  Most of our teachers have the ability to guide their minds.  I would like to nominate Susan Cloward.  She would take the students that were down on themselves... the children that didn't have any idea about school.  She would take these children and get them reading and doing math; she has had many parents request her for their children. 

Susan was a teacher that would share her ideas with other teachers.  Susan would work in the summer with the curriculum committee.  This group would put the curriculum together for the next school year.  Her responsibility was reading. 

Susan doesn't only think about her current students, but also her former students.  She would go to their programs in the upper grades and get announcements about their future.  She would go to support them in all their extracurricular activities.

Lana Hiskey