Gold Medal Mile assembly

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Park Elementary School is running , biking, skateboarding, walking and more, to be a Gold Medal Mile School!  The Park PTA launched the Gold Medal mile program at an assembly on Friday, September 17, 2010.  The students, their families and teachers will be walking around the USA as they log their miles throughout the year.  Paper airplanes filled the air, as they were caught, those students were asked to unfold their airplane to discover a U.S. state trivia question.  There was fun and facts learned as students were able to answer the questions.  The students that  answered the, questions correctly were awarded an apple.  Once the "Made in America" trivia was over we had special guests to help us learn how to stay healthy.  Seven BYU student athletes told us what they did to try to stay healthy.  The athletes talked about eating nutritious foods, they reminded us that breakfast is a very important meal and to run around during recess.  Our visitors were a football player, a gymnast, a high jumper, a runner, a swimmer, a cross country runner, and a volleyball player.  Austin Holt, the football player was celebrating his birthday that day.  So they called up any students that had birthdays that day and everyone sang Happy Birthday to them.  After the assembly, the students were excused to go out to the playground and run one lap.  As each student came to the finish line, they were given a jump rope, donated by Modern Woodman of America.   Park Elementary, keep on running, hopping, skipping, jumpinig, sprinting and walking as we travel the wonderful U.S. of A.

Sherri Smithee