7 Habits Assembly

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We have recently been able to attend an assembly about The Seven Habits of Happy Kids and throughout the whole assembly we talked about all of these different ways the seven habits can help us in our life. Just in case your wondering here are all of the habits: #1, Be Proactive, #2 Begin with the End in Mind, #3 Put First Things First, #4 Think Win Win, #5 Seek First to Understand then to be Understood, #6 Synergize, and #7 Sharpen the Saw. Throughout the whole time we have been doing this program I feel there has been a huge difference in our school. All of the classes came up with their favorite habit and why it is our favorite. My classes overall favorite habit was Put First Things First. I think this is a really important habit because it really helps us get our priorities straight. Also we picked out certain kids from each class and had them pick there favorite habits and during the assembly we had them stand up and say what there favorite habit was and why it was there favorite. I think having this assembly really helped us learn more about the habits and I think they have really improved our school. I thought this was a great way to promote the habits and I think they are such a big help to our school.

Article by Joe Graham