5th Grade Native American Projects

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The 5th grade students at Park created social studies projects focusing on Native Americans!  Each student got to pick which tribe they wanted to study. There were five students per tribe. Some of the other grade levels came into view these creative projects. The 5th grade students loved making these projects. These projects had four sides that could of represented food, clothes, living, and hunting. These students have enjoyed their time to work on and display them.

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The whole fifth grade had to do a fun native American project. We folded paper to create a four-sided pyramid. Each student took their pyramids home to decorate it based on the Native American tribe they chose. All of the 5th graders worked really hard on their projects. We presented our project in front of the class.  Then the whole 5th grade set up their projects in he gym.  Parents and other students walked around and listened to the 5th graders present their projects.  All the fifth grade students liked doing this project. It was a lot of fun!

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Article & Photos by Carson Czarnik and Nate Gilmore