Koins for Korbin

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 04/05/2010 - 15:16

Park School Students Raise $4000.00!

The Park School student council wanted to help the students of Park School make a difference in somebody's life.  That someone is Korbin McEwan, a first grade student in Mrs. Hunter's class.  Korbin is battling a serious illness and the student council, under the direction of  fifth grade teacher Mrs. Sorensen, decided to have a fund raiser, "Koins for Korbin" to help with Korbin's medical bills.  The fundraiser was held for 2 weeks. Thanks to the generosity of the Park students, their families, the faculty and staff $4075.00 was collected!  There were many stories of students bringing in money they had saved for other things, but decided to give up that toy or game so they could give to Korbin.  To celebrate surpassing the goal of $500.00, a student from each class was able to throw a pie in the face of a member of the student council or a teacher, secretary, custodian or principal!  Thank you Park School Students, your giving and sacrifice was inspiring!

Sherri Smithee