Majestic Birds of Prey

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Jason Jones and his magnificent birds made a visit to Park Elementary on Wednesday, November 16.  Mr. Jones taught us about birds of prey.  He informed us that there are 3 characteristics that all raptors have- they are predatory, they have a hooked-sharp beak and they have talons.  He showed us hawks, falcons and owls.  One of the hawks was allowed to fly from the back of the gym back to Mr. Jones.  It swooped across the gym just above the students heads as it flew back to Mr. Jones to claim its reward (a small treat).  The first flight had a couple stops on top of a light fixture and then a basketball standard to look around at its surroundings before it flew back to Mr. Jones.  We would like to thank Jason Jones for sharing his knowledge of these majestic birds.  We are glad that he followed his dream as a young twelve year old who wanted to become a falconer, because now we get to benefit from his passion to share his love for these birds.   

Sherri Smithee