Submitted by sheree.storrer on Fri, 04/15/2022 - 14:27
Where my peeps at sign
Front office cupboards
Mrs. McEntire's office
Front counter view
Peeps in a planter
Peeps on a computer desk
Entry table covered with peeps
Student bench with peeps near it
Golden panther paw counter covered in peeps
peeps on the floor in front of Mrs. Hughes' office
The peeps that pulled the prank

The teachers have had a peep war happening all week. Teachers were put onto teams and each team was given three peeps of a certain color. Their job was to hide their peeps so that no one one else could find them. If they were found, the person had 10 minutes to be able to hide them again before the peeps could be up for grabs. The front office staff played hard and seemed to have the advantage so another group of teachers decided to "peep" the office. Friday morning came and the front office as well as both Mrs. Hughes' and Mrs. McEntire's offices were covered in peeps! What a fun way to start a Friday!