Lunch with Parents

Submitted by sheree.storrer on Wed, 05/11/2022 - 10:15
Mom and son
first graders having a picnic together
Emma and parents
Emmalia and her mom
Eden and Elias with their parents
Eden and her mom
Elias and his dad
Kylie with her family
Lily with her parents
Emma with her family
Jaycie with her mom
Kaley and her mom
Raiden and Miya having a picnic lunch
Wyatt and his mom
Paisley and her mom
Ximena and her mom
Michael with his family
Jace and his family
Oakes and his mom
Alys and her brother
Anna and her dad
Isaac and Jeremiah with family
Quintyn and his mom
Callaway and his mom
Jaylee and her mom
Irie and Kamilla
Swayde, Saige and Andalynn
Gracie and Izzie
Julie and her family
Mac and his family
Irie and her fmaily
Sylvie and Jace
Evelynn with her family
Lucas and Evelynn
Simon, Analise and Jazhiel
Analise and her family
Swayde and Kamilla

First grade got to have lunch with their families! We appreciate all those who were able to come and have a picnic with their first grader. What a fun day and our first graders loved it all!

LesLee Hunt