Keyboard Competition

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Keyboard competitors

Our 4th and 5th graders recently participated in a keyboarding competition. These winners help to make up the top 10% of our keyboarding students in our district! They have worked hard all year with continued practice and proper keyboard etiquette.  Way to go Park leaders!! You are shining examples to us all. 

4th Grade:

Kairi H., Monica I., Joey S., Chase T., Braileigh W., Bailey C., Kristen C., Olivia G., and Errson P.

Golden Keyboard Award: Bailey C.


5th Grade:

Monica C., Kimberley C., Mya M., Max O., Jeffrey C., Kaden M., Serenity P., David G., Bradley M., Halle N., Rebecca P., and Gabriel Y.

Golden Keyboard Award: Jeffrey C.