Crystal Apple Award

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Mrs. McEntire with her family

Congratulations to Penny McEntire who won the Crystal Apple Award! The Crystal Apple Award is given to an educator who has made a positive impact on students! Penny more than exemplifies love and positivity to not only the students but the faculty here at Park. She is always upbeat, kind, complimentary and seeks ways to help us all succeed. It may be her first year here at Park, but she has made it a goal to learn all the students names, pushes into classrooms to help teach and spend time with our students. She truly is a leader here at Park Elementary and we are so grateful that she has joined our team. 

Mrs. Hughes said "Penny was just what Park needed. She took the time to learn about Park and the staff. She studied the Park's Playbook to learn our common language and the data cycle. She is one of the most caring, helpful, thoughtful, and smart people I have ever met. She knows how to challenge my thinking so that we can make the best decisions for our students and staff. She goes above and beyond, CONSTANTLY. She is never idle, is always willing to step in and help out and is extremely knowledgeable. I adore her and feel so lucky to be working with Penny!"

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