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Aubree Judkins counselor lesson

For her monthly grade level lessons, our school counselor Mrs. J taught about why it's important to identify emotions in yourself and others.   We talked about how emotions are like a traffic signal: they give us really important information that can keep us safe.  Students learned that there is no such thing as a bad emotion.  But also, if you ignore or try to push away those uncomfortable emotions, emotional eruptions or explosions can happen.  Just like shaking up a can of soda, the pressure mounts and one little thing can make you "pop your top". That's why it is important to LABEL or NAME those emotions.  We'd treat a can of shaken up V8 differently than a can of shaken up soda.  We encourage you to talk to your students about what they learned during this lesson regarding using their words to identify how they are feeling.  Thanks Mrs. J for teaching us about identifying emotions in ourselves and others. 
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Aubree Judkins