Computer Class

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5th grader working on Santa Village map
5th grader using her hands to keep track of where to plot her points.
Santa Village map almost done
5th grader studying his coordinate plane
Mrs. Sterner's class with their drawings.
kindergarten students drawing.
kindergarten students coloring their directed art.
kindergarten finished snowman
kindergartener working on coloring her art paper.
kindergartener coloring his finished drawing.
2nd graders working together to find the differences.
2nd graders working on their find a difference project.
2nd graders working together to help find the differences

Last week in computers class, we practiced new skills with new programs! 

5th grade used jamboard to practice their coordinate planes. They had to use coordinates to create and map out Santa's village as well as a Christmas tree using their mouse to plot the points and connect them.

2nd grade used jamboard to do a find the differences activity. They had 10 slides with all different pictures to try and find all the differences. They could either use the shape tool or the pen tool (which is a freehand mouse exercise) to circle the differences. 

Kindergarten practiced art from a computer. This time they had to be good leaders and listen well to the directions being given on the teachers' computer and then put it on paper. They were amazing and did so well to listen to instructions and then draw.