4th Grade Field Trip to the State Capitol Building

Submitted by sheree.storrer on Wed, 01/05/2022 - 14:06
Mrs. Webb with some students on the bus
4th grade group photo
All of 4th grade and their teachers on the capitol stairs
4th graders listening to a tour guide
tour stop
4th grade sitting in the upper balcony
upper balcony seating
Upper balcony tour stop
upper balcony facing chamber seats
4th graders looking at artifacts
4th graders looking at history
4th graders looking at a display case
4th graders posing for a photo
4th graders with friends
4th graders looking at a bell
all 4th graders outside the capitol building
up close photo of the 4th graders outside the capitol building

4th grade got to take a field trip to the state capitol yesterday! They had an amazing time and learned many interesting facts and history about the state capitol building. 

Candri Webb & Mandee Webster