Cheryl Leifson Honored as Park Elementary Teacher of the Year

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Park Elementary is so proud of our Teacher of the Year  Cheryl Leifson! Mrs. Leifson is a wonderful teacher and gives her heart and soul to her Kindergarten students.  

The following has been said about Mrs. Leifson:

Cheryl loves coming to school early and putting on inspirational music. What magic will take place in her classroom today? 
Cheryl teaches from the heart and gets to know each student individually and stirs in them a desire to create.


Photo and article by Nebo School District & Adam Gull

4H Drama Club Performs for Parents

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Our very own 4H Drama Club exhibited some of their talent in a musical called GO WEST!  Students worked very hard to this point and did a great job singing and dancing. Thank you to Mrs. Lowe and Mrs. Davies for all your hard work in 4H. We are proud of the talent at Park Elementary! 

Photos by Ryan Kay

Mrs. Bradford's Class Celebrates WIG Party

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Mrs. Bradford's class celebrated with a Paint Party recently.  Over 80% of the students passed off learning the alphabet letters and sounds! Students were excited and had a fun time painting with water color paints and eating treats!   Mrs. Bradford is so happy with this accomplishment and for the class!  Way to Go Panthers!!