Mrs. Kimball's Class Celebrates With WIG Party

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 02/04/2014 - 12:42

Mrs. Kimball’s 2nd grade class reached one of their WIGs (Wildly Important Goals) on Friday, January 24, by earning their 50th “excellent” from specialist teachers!  They held a victory celebration the same day, which included pizza and an exciting dance party.  The students enjoyed learning and enthusiastically doing the following dances:  The Bunny Hop, The Chicken, and The Twist.  What great dancers!  Congratulations to the students on their achievement!


Photos by Adam Gull

Quilt For Mrs. Farrer

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Faculty and staff gathered together around a quilt to support Mrs. Farrer during this difficult time in her life.  The quilt is tied together with messages and words of encouragement from Park faculty and staff.  

Our hearts go out to Mrs. Farrer and her family.  Thank You Mrs. Farrer for your love and devotion to the students of Park Elementary!

Photos by Tamra Lybbert

Science Fair Assembly

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Fifth and sixth grade students enjoyed a brief assembly on how to make the science fair enjoyable. Mrs. Luke's daughter Ashley Luke (7th grader at Spanish Fork Jr. high) and niece Chloe Randall (7th grader at freedom academy) spoke to the kids about their experiences with the science fair. Chloe brought her project to display and explained to the group what she did for the project. They explained how important it is to pick a topic that they are really interested in.

Photos by Tamra Lybbert

Spelling Bee

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 Park Elementary Spelling Bee will be held February 2, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. in the gym.  All 4th-6th grade students are able to participate in the Spelling Bee.  Classroom winners will be selected this week and move on to the school Spelling Bee on February 2nd.  The school winner will be eligible for the Utah Valley Spelling Bee held in a few weeks.  Good Luck!

Just for fun, did you know the winning word for the National Spelling Bee last year was knaidel