Red Ribbon Week Finale

Submitted by ryan.kay on Fri, 10/10/2014 - 15:26

Students were treated to a great surprise today as they arrived at school.  There was a derby car and truck and several classic cars including a 1928 Model A, 1972 Cougar and 1967 Mustang Fast Back waiting for them.  Each class had an opportunity to go out and see the cars as Mrs. Wirfs made the comparison of a healthy, drug free body (classics) to the not healthy body (demolition).   Each student signed a drug free pledge promising to stay drug free. 

In their class they "stomped" on balloons filled with candy as they stomped out drug use.

Ester Wirfs

Green Man Assembly

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Red Ribbon Week:

Green Day

Students had the “Time of Their Life” at the Green Man assembly in connection to Green Day for Red Ribbon Week.  Clint Pulver from Utah Valley University entertained a sea of green Park Panthers with a Drug Free message that will stick with students tighter than a Green Man suit.

Photos and Article by Adam Gull