Wear Pink Tomorrow!

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Throughout Term 3, our entire school is dedicated to fostering kindness. As part of this initiative, the lessons taught by Mrs. Lindley this month will focus on Diversity and understanding the true meaning of accepting others. We kindly ask for your assistance in working together to achieve this school-wide goal.

Jessica Lindley

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to Mrs. Weber and Ms. Julie! Mrs. Weber is our school nurse and is truly the best! She has a way of helping students decipher their symptoms and truly help them feel better. Although she does not spend every day at our school, our days are better when she is with us! Ms. Julie switched from a preschool technician to an ACC technician this year and has gracefully handled the change! She is so good with our ACC students. She is always happy to see them and they in turn love her. We hope you both have a fantastic birthday!

Picture With A Friend

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Axton, Natalie and Paxtin saved up their Proactive Paws to have their picture taken with a friend. We love seeing them share the spotlight with the fellow classmate and friend. Way to be awesome friends to others!