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Park School Community Council

School Community Council

Purpose:  The purpose of the School Community Council is to build consistent and effective communication among parents, employees, and administrators; allowing parents an opportunity to be actively involved in their children's education by helping establish and implement educational goals for their respective schools.  In this regard, the responsibilities of the School Community Council are advisory in nature.  

The School Community Council (SCC) plays an important role in partnering in the education of our children with the school, its staff and faculty and the district.  The following information is from The Shared Governance Handbook.  The SCC provides a "cooperative means of improving the educational programs and conditions" within the school.  Decisions and responsibilities allocated to the SCC by the Utah law includes:

  • Developing a School Improvement Plan (SIP)
  • Developing the School LAND Trust Program
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of a school professional development plan
  • Develop and implement a child access routing plan (safe walking routes to and from school)
  • Advising and making recommendations to school and school district administrators and the local school board regarding the school and its programs, school district programs, and other issues relating to the community environment for students
  • Developing a reading achievement plan.

The most critical academic needs identified in the Park Elementary plan are as follows:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics 
  • Technology
  • Fine Arts

Trust Land funds expenditures for the benefit of students:

  •  Salaries for intervention specialists to help at-risk learners;
  •  Technology licenses for reading and math intervention,
  •  Curriculum professional development for staff,
  •  Substitutes during curriculum mapping days,
  •  Classroom technology (ipads, chromebooks, audio enhancement, etc.)  

 Budget for 2019-2020:

  • $52,770.87

Budget for 2020-2021:

  • $60,670.99

Please see below for the following information:  Council list with contact information, Schedule of Meetings, Agendas,  and Summary of 18-19 plan.

 Park Elementary School Community Council 2020-2021


Valeri Hawley


Jandel Christensen

Jodi Matinson


Paul Webb


Sydney Carlson Parent









  • Courtney Sterner (Teacher)              
  • Lindsey Hughes  (Principal)                  
  • Nate Holt (Title I Coordinator/Co-Chair)            

 Schedule of Meetings for 2020-2021 & Agenda

School Community Council meetings are open to the public. Meetings will be held at Park Elementary in the school library from 3:15-4:15 pm. You are welcome to attend any or all of the meetings. The dates are as follows:




October 1



October 22



November 19


Review Current Year SIP

January 28



February 23


SIP Begin to Finalize

April 1


Sign off on SIP

For more information please refer to the Nebo School District Board Of Education Policies and Procedures Section K: School - Community Relations

15 - 16 Final Report Summary

 Minutes, Agendas, and Related Files 

PDF icon Park Parent Involvement Policy97.97 KB
PDF icon Compact55.42 KB
PDF icon 2016-2017 School Improvement Plan110.87 KB
PDF icon SCC Minutes 9/27/2016179.52 KB
PDF icon 15-16 Final Report Summary119.89 KB
PDF icon SCC Agenda - Feb. 20, 2018.pdf101.92 KB
PDF icon SCC agenda - Jan. 23, 2018.pdf105.13 KB
PDF icon SCC agenda - March 20, 2018.pdf103 KB
PDF icon SCC agenda - Nov. 28, 2017.pdf101.67 KB
PDF icon SCC agenda - Oct. 24, 2017.pdf105.7 KB
PDF icon SCC agenda - Sept. 19, 2017.pdf107.22 KB
PDF icon SIP Report on Current Year Goals 2017-18.docx_.pdf81.72 KB
PDF icon Park Elementary SIP Goals (2018-2019).doc.pdf94.61 KB
PDF icon 9-18-18 Agenda and Minutes.pdf49.41 KB
PDF icon 10-16-18 Agenda and Minutes.pdf51.91 KB
PDF icon 11-27-18 Agenda and Minutes.pdf75.31 KB
PDF icon 1-22-19 Agenda and Minutes.pdf165.44 KB
PDF icon 2-26-19 Agenda and Minutes.pdf73.97 KB
PDF icon September 2019 Agenda112.78 KB
PDF icon September 2019 Minutes123.63 KB
PDF icon October 2019 Meeting Agenda47.5 KB
PDF icon October 2019 Minutes93.26 KB
PDF icon November 2019 Minutes86.94 KB
PDF icon November 2019 Agenda74.89 KB
PDF icon January 2020 Agenda77.39 KB
PDF icon January 2020 Minutes81.92 KB
PDF icon Oct. 22, 2020 Agenda145.58 KB
PDF icon Oct. 1, 2020 Minutes57.92 KB
Image icon Rules and Order of Procedures 20201.28 MB
PDF icon Park Elementary SIP Goals (2019-2020)25.32 KB
PDF icon Park Elementary SIP Goals (2020-2021)80.45 KB
PDF icon Nov. 19 Agenda 2020-202195.18 KB
PDF icon Oct. 22 Minutes, 2020-2021144.27 KB
PDF icon Nov. 19 Minutes, 2020-2021186.21 KB
PDF icon Jan. 28 agenda, 2020-202122.47 KB
PDF icon Jan. 28 minutes, 2020-2021117.83 KB
PDF icon Feb. 23 Agenda, 2020-202122.5 KB
PDF icon Feb. 23 Minutes, 2020-202181.04 KB
PDF icon April 1 Agenda, 2020-202122.52 KB
PDF icon April 1 Minutes, 2020-202181.74 KB
PDF icon Nebo Student Wellness Policy 2020-2021122.07 KB