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Teacher of the Year

Submitted by bristi.poulson on Fri, 02/14/2020 - 08:57
Mrs. Hughes

When I think of a master teacher, LesLee Hunt, comes right to my mind.   She has taught grades K-2.  What makes LesLee a master teacher?  Here’s all the reasons why:

  • She has patience with her students.  She tries so hard to find out reasons why her students might be struggling academically or behaviorally.  

  • She teaches her students to be in charge of their learning.  She makes learning happen and she inspires her students to reach to their potential.

  • She loves the Leader In Me and is working so hard to instill those habits into her students’ lives.

  • She respects her students and they respect her back.  Her rapport with her students is natural and instinctive.  She knows her students individually.

  • Her students love her!

  • She is creative.

  • She is kind and very sincere.

  • She is a team player.  She shares ideas with our team.  And about every day on her way out, she stops and asks me if I need anything for the next day.

  • She differentiates for her students.

  • She is running our school SST team.

  • She is our computer specialist.

  • She is always furthering her knowledge of teaching by taking Professional Development classes.

  • She is dedicated to teaching and has a real passion for it!