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Crystal Apple Award

Submitted by bristi.poulson on Mon, 01/13/2020 - 21:49
Ms. Dunn

When I think of the Crystal Apple Award and what it represents, Bristi denitely deserves this honor. Bristi Poulson was awarded the Crystal Apple by her fellow teachers at Park Elementary. Bristi is a leader in her classroom, on her team, school-wide, and at the district level. 

If you've ever seen her teach, she is a master teacher but yet she is constantly looking at herself and her practice to make sure that what she is doing is best for kids and their growth. She has a heart of gold and is ALWAYS doing whatever it takes to make Park as a whole better. Bristi has a well-managed classroom with clear behavior expectations that her students understand and follow. She cares for her students and works hard to meet their needs. She goes out of her way to plan lessons, find resources, and give extra help to all her students. Bristi excels in clarity of instruction. She makes sure that her instruction is clear and specific and continually works to refine her lessons.

Bristi is the Team Leader of her 3rd grade team. She keeps the team organized and up to date. More importantly, she guides the team through collaboration meetings that focus on student learning, analyzing data, and making plans to meet student needs. She also shares great teaching ideas with her fellow teachers and helps them improve. 

 Brisi has led our school-wide PBIS planning and implementation. We are able to use the same language, expectations, and consequences K-6. This allows all teachers to help manage behavior and clarifies expectations and consequences for the students. 

Brisi is also serving district wide as the 3rd Grade Math Framework Representative. She leads the discussion of the 3rd grade team as they work to make a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students. 

Brist is  dedicated, caring, and hard-working. She makes a difference in the lives of students and faculty alike. Thanks for all you do, Bristi!