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WHO lives assembly

Submitted by lacee.stoneman on Sun, 12/08/2019 - 18:49

Our students had the chance to hear from those from the WHO lives organization, They spoke to us about how WE can help get clean water to Africa by using a village drill. We also had a special guest visit our school who also spoke of her experience in Africa, that speical guest was Miss Utah, Dexonna Talbot. 

A few of our students had the opportunity to choose between a gift, like nail polish, movie and popcorn and a big candy bar or to save the money that would be spent on a gift and donate to WHO lives for clean water, EACH OF OUR GREAT STUDENTS ALL CHOSE CLEAN WATER! GO PARK ELEMENTARY!!

The picture of the shoes are of a boy who lives in Africa, they were able to replace him with new shoes

The picture of the DIRTY water is the water they use for EVERYTHING in Africa