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Nebo Bright Ideas 2019

Submitted by bristi.poulson on Tue, 05/07/2019 - 17:42
Nebo School District

The purpose of the Bright Ideas Summer Program is to provide educational opportunities and experiences not usually found in the home or school for bright, accelerated, and highly motivated youth.  Participants can plan to experience a program of education and fun.


Attendance is open to all elementary age students regardless of place of residence. Bright Ideas students should be highly motivated, interested in learning new things, cooperative and willing to learn at an accelerated rate.  Children eligible for participation are those entering kindergarten through those entering seventh grade this fall.


Students in the program will:

  1. Interact with other bright and motivated youth.

  2. Enjoy learning in a stimulating, enriching, and fun environment.

  3. Participate in activities that enhance talents in academics, creative, artistic, and productive endeavors.

  4. Experience provoking, high-level thinking activities.


All instruction is under the guidance and direction of the BYU/Public School Partnership Gifted and Talented Committee, utilizing licensed public school teachers.  University faculty members and other qualified professionals will also teach aspects of the program. Teachers will vary the curriculum according to age level, but maintain the theme and capitalize on higher level thinking strategies.


$150.00 per student



DUE:  JUNE 1, 2019

Register online:

Click “Nebo District Programs” and then “Summer Bright Ideas”

 **More information can be found at this link:  Nebo Bright Ideas 2019