Student Led Conference Sign Up


Below you will find links to sign up for a Student Led Conference time.  This is our first time trying it online, we will keep our fingers crossed that it works. 
*Please follow the link for the teacher you need to set up an appointment with.
*You will notice some classes have scheduled appointments and some are doing it more open house where you sign up for a chunk of time that works for you to come in.
*Please sign up with your students name.
*Include your email address and it will email you a reminder 2 days prior to SLC's.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  We will also post the links on our school website as well as our Facebook page so you can easily find them later.

Mr. Elliot - Kindergarten

Mrs. Leifson - Kindergarten

Mrs. Hunt - 1st Grade

Mrs. Hoffman - 1st Grade

Ms. Marshall - 1st Grade

Mrs. Bird - 1st Grade

Mrs. Taylor - 2nd Grade

Mrs. James - 2nd Grade

Mrs. McAllister - 2nd Grade

Ms. Poulson - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Jones - 3rd Grade

Ms. Dunn - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Cox - 4th Grade

Mrs. Perschon - 4th Grade

Mrs. Cromar - 4th Grade

Ms. Webster - 5th Grade

Mr. Prince - 5th Grade

Mr. James - 6th Grade

Mrs. Porter - 6th Grade


Mission:  To Live; To Learn; To Lead

Vision:  We inspire our school community in developing academic and leadership skills by teaching "The 7 Habits," making connections throughout the curriculum, and involving everyone in leadership roles.  We serve each other, our families, and our community.  We achieve and inspire greatness.