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Gingerbread Houses Bring Holiday Cheer

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 12/18/2015 - 16:20
Photos by Ryan Kay Article by Adam Gull

If Buddy the Elf showed up at Park school this week he would be ecstatic! The synergy and teamwork that went into the gingerbread houses from all the teachers and staff set the mood going into Christmas Break.  In a teambuilding activity set up by the jolliest elf in the school-Mr. Kay, teachers worked vigorously to build a gingerbread house in under an hour. Teachers and staff could plan and design anything they wanted to for this event.  And what a sight to behold at the end!

We had gingerbread houses set to a variety of themes.  There was traditional to Frozen-from Snoopy's house to the beach-and monster trucks to Star Wars.  The amazing thing in all of this is the talent level of our teachers and staff...they are simply amazing!

Our first grade team stole the event by winning the votes of students and faculty.  Thank You teachers and staff for your incredible talent and fun that was had this week!