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Celebrating The Leader Of The Pack

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 10/21/2015 - 21:09
Photos by Lana Hiskey Article by Adam Gull

"The winner ain't the one with the fastest car, it's the one who refuses to lose."  Dale Earnhardt

October is National Principals month.  On Tuesday, students and staff wanted to celebrate what an Awesome principal we have at Park Elementary.  Mr. Ryan Kay is a huge NASCAR and demolition derby fan.  In fact, on top of what he already does for his family, our school and community, he works to help put on one of the finest demolition derbies in Utah in his hometown of Nephi.  So, we decided to put on a little event to celebrate him as our leader.

The past couple of weeks was difficult to hide the gifts that each grade level prepared, the deceitful plans that were made by the office staff and teachers.  In fact, students helped set up an indoor track right under Mr. Kay's nose the day of the race.  Rocky Giles from Rocky's Tire Pros helped sponsor the event by delivering a wagon full tires that stretched from one end of the gym to the other.  

And then it was SHOW TIME!  Mrs. Lybbert and others helped coax Mr. Kay down to the gym where 450 students could be heard down the hall chanting "MR. Kay! Mr. Kay! Mr. Kay!"  

Each grade level prepared gifts to show appreciation for all the good things he does for Park Elementary.  The main event followed with a race between Mr. Kay and teachers: Mr. James, Mr. Glenn, Mr. Hales, Mrs. Jones, and Ms. Williams.  Mr. Kay took the race by a whisker from his goatee and ran away with the trophy.

It was a special time to celebrate a great man that has given so much to make Park Elementary what it is today.  His efforts in building a community of leaders and learners cannot be measured.  

On the trophy the plaque reads: "A Winner of a Principal"  We love Mr. Kay.  He is a winner that refuses to lose.