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October Victory Assembly

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 10/31/2014 - 16:17
Article and Photos by: Adam Gull
Math Award
Language Arts Award
Leadership Award

October Victory Assembly

It’s not everyday Park students are visited by the likes of Cookie Perez from Hollywood, California AND get to watch Mr. Kay bust a move, but cheering for classmates receiving Victory Awards is something students see each month.  On Wednesday, fifty-Four amazing Park Panthers were recognized for their hard work in the classroom with Victory Awards and participate in a fun assembly put on by Park Parent Leaders Heidi Cook(Cookie Perez), Nancy Christly, Jennifer Witt, Melanie Dalton, and Angela Davies.  There were definitely a few tricks and plenty of treats for students and parents to enjoy.

Traditionally, the assembly began reciting the school mission statement “To Live; To Learn; To Lead” and then the presentation of awards.  After the awards ceremony, Ms. Cookie Perez (Heidi Cook) hosted a one-sided game show Are you Smarter than a Teacher, with students versus teachers.  Cookie Perez would ask questions to students and teachers and correct answers were awarded accordingly. Teachers failed miserably and students shined.  Teachers shouldn’t feel too bad, Google couldn’t even answer the questions that were asked.

Congratulations to all our Park Panthers for all their hard work this month!