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Utah's 4th Lighthouse School!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 05/29/2014 - 16:07
Article by Adam Gull

Recently, Park faculty, parents and students rejoiced at the wonderful news of becoming a Lighthouse School.  When you think of a lighthouse, you imagine a beacon illuminating its light in all directions beckoning to the incoming ships there is safety after the storm.  A lighthouse also warns of danger of rocks and other obstacles that stand in the way of reaching the shore.

How fitting is it then that Park Elementary will now stand as a beacon of leadership in the community of Spanish Fork?  Kids are faced with so much these days that they need something to look to.  They need somewhere they can go to learn not only academics, but develop skills that will prepare them for life’s storms and rocky shorelines.  Whether you know Park Elementary as the school in the middle of town up Center Street, or you sit nearby during the Fiesta Days Parade, or you have played ball at the baseball diamond, or you were one the thousands that attended elementary here… you KNOW Park Elementary.  When you think of Park Elementary now, you will know it as a Lighthouse school that prepares leaders in education and in the community.

So what does “Lighthouse School” mean?  Sean Covey, Education Practice Leader of FranklinCovey, states: “The Leader in Me Lighthouse School title is awarded by FranklinCovey to honor the attainment of a well-rounded leadership model.”  “Lighthouse Schools serve as models of leadership and mentors to other schools. It is sort of like getting your blackbelt.”  “Lighthouse Schools have achieved extraordinary results by meeting the standards laid out in the Lighthouse Criteria. These nine criteria have been identified as critical to the development of a leadership culture.”  To learn more, please visit