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Updated Parade Information

Submitted by lacee.stoneman on Tue, 05/19/2020 - 18:14
Lindsey Hughes

The parade route directions were wrong in the previous email. Here are the correct directions:

We will start at the school on the corner of 100 N and 700 E and proceed North. (We will start at 10:30)
We will then turn West on 300 N until we reach 200 E. 
At 200 E we will turn south and head to 300 S.
At 300 S we will turn East for a block to 300 E.
At 300 E (Scenic Drive) we will go South until we reach Fox Hill Drive
We will turn towards the North on Foxhill and merge into 600 E until we reach 400 S.
At 400 S we will turn West until we reach 500 E.
At 500 E we will turn North for 2 blocks (200 S)
At 200 S we will go West until we reach 300 E.
At 300 E we will go North until we reach 100 S.
At 100 S we will go East until 800 E
At 800 E we will go North until 100 N
At 100 N we will go West and arrive back at the school.