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Positive Panther Board

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 09/25/2014 - 17:36
Article By Adam Gull Photo By Ryan Kay

Positive Panthers

We are excited for the great things that have happened at Park Elementary so far this year.  One thing that has been amazing is the many students that have been caught using the 7 Habits in the classroom, hallways, playground and lunch room.

Students caught using the habits naturally will be given a Golden Panther Paw from a teacher or faculty member and will then go to the office to draw a number to write their name in a square.  When a whole row is filled in, students in that row get to eat breakfast with Mr. Kay and other community leaders.  

All students that earn a Golden Panther Paw will get a special call home from Mrs. Banks to celebrate with parents the habits being used in school.  Students will also keep their Golden Panther Paw to place in their "Victory" section of their Leadership Binder.

We have had many students earn a Golden Panther Paw in the first few weeks of school and encourage all students to keep practicing the habits in school and at home.